Using web scraping for real estate price analysis

Aleksandar Tsonev, Valentina Dyankova, Yusuf Yusufov


In the present paper, a survey is being made of the areas, in which the use of Web scraping is necessary for adaptation to dynamic changes, demanding processing and generalizing of large volume of data from different web sources. An exemplary implementation for Web scraping is presented for price analysis of the real estate market. The technology that gives possibility of integration of the intended activities in development of the application has been reviewed. The overall procedure in the researching, development and realization of the proposed application can be used as a good practice in adaptation of the knowledge and skills of the graduating students for the requirements, dynamics and organization of the work in a software company as well as for the professional co-operation between the academic lecturers and representatives of the software business.


web scraping; data extraction; databases; Selenium; Java; SpringBoot; Hibernate

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